The Statistics For Computer Recycling Say We Need To Make Changes

You might think you know about computer recycle and why it’s important, but there is certainly a lot more to know. For example, there is a statistic that talks about the manufacturing process and how recycling and reuse makes sense in accordance with the amount of energy or fossil fuels used. There are all kinds of things that will make you take action, and you are going to have to decide what steps you want to take moving forward.

It is certainly one thing to look at a laptop and think that one in a landfill won’t hurt anything. However, you have to remember that everyone just like you is out there making the same decision. Not only that, but you are throwing away much more than you think. First, you have to realize that companies need those recycled raw materials. Second, you have to think about all the raw materials that were used to make the computer in the first place. From there, things get even more interesting.

Let’s say you took an old computer and threw it in the landfill. Trash in general isn’t good for the environment, but let’s put it this way to make a point. A computer, thrown in a landfill, is going to release about half of the elements on the periodic table into the earth, experts say. If you were to poll people, do you think that the majority of them would tell you that their computers get recycled?

The answer is no, as the number sits at approximately 40 percent according to the experts. That is a horrible number if you think about it because it simply means millions of computers are making it to the landfills. With that happening, what are we going to do to change things for the future when it comes to computer recycling?