Steps to becoming a freelancer

Changes in the market and developments in technology are creating freelancing a more viable alternative for people across various businesses. Not merely are there more opportunities — due to firms’ increased demand for an on-demand workforce, but there is greater access to these opportunities.

Executive Coach Lindiwe Mkhondo says outsourcing empowers greater career mobility as people with  diverse skill sets and interests no longer have to choose one career for the rest of their lives.

“An effective transition into a freelance career requires hard work, patience and persistence,” she says.

Mkhondo says you ought to take the time to determine whether you need to really go the freelance route as not everybody is cut out for the inconsistent workload and cover or the freedom which comes with not having a nine-to-five. Being a successful freelancer is more than just do the job, you need to put in the attempt to handle your company and generate job and customers.

“The experts include having a flexible schedule, work load, and work type and place. You are your own boss and can choose your own customers and you could possibly make more cash. The drawback is that your income and workload won’t bet consistent. You will have to find new work on your own and you’ll do the job alone lots of the time,” she says.

Steps to becoming a successful freelancer:

Establish your brand

Before making the transition to becoming your own boss, it’s vital to know your product and build your brand. Have a very clear understanding of what you’re selling and decide how to place yourself in the marketplace. Utilise tools like sites, Linkedin, blogs and social networking to split your space and anchor in the marketplace.  

Construct a strong portfolio 

Your portfolio is your opportunity to win over potential customers by showing them what you could do. When constructing your portfolio, then pick examples of work which support your own brand. The same as a good CV, a good portfolio requires fine tuning. Keep your portfolio current and relevant.

Draft an elevator pitch

As a freelancer, you have to know how to communicate and promote your brand as effectively as you can. When drafting your pitch, ask yourself these questions: what’s the center of my brand, my goods and my values? What is my unique selling point? Why should customers choose me?


Networking is a basic tool for  becoming a successful freelancer. Possessing a growing network of industry professionals and customers will increase your opportunities. The key is to network where you move, and you need to always be prepared with business cards available. Attempt to attend industry events often and, when you’re there, be the attempt to make yourself known. A new relationship is a brand new opportunity, so cultivate it.

Don’t stop learning 

You need to keep your finger on the pulse of the industry. As your industry grows, so should you. Try out online courses which will help you grow your business and enhance your service. Read books and keep current with trends and news in your industry by subscribing to relevant sites and online portals.

Don’t sell yourself short 

Being a freelancer means becoming your own boss, and a boss is aware of what they’re worth. Do your research on the sector and the value of your skills and charge your customers accordingly. As a freelancer, you’re your business, so it’s imperative that you know your value.

Construct good rapport 

A happy customer is more likely to return to you and refer you to others in need of your services. By creating a relationship with your customers from the start, you’ll be more prepared to satisfy their requirements and provide a better product or service.

Schedule Improvement

Working for yourself means being free of a conventional nine-to-five, which gives you the liberty to make your own program. Adapt to the change in structure by scheduling your operating hours effectively. Produce deadlines and schedule time for networking and admin on your week.

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