Cheap Rooftop Bars Chicago

Chicago is well-known for its beautiful buildings, and the scenic landscape that extends for miles. Although it is known for its tall structures, it is what is on top that is of interest to many people. Rooftop bars are some of the best places that you can hang out. You get to see the beautiful skyline of the city, especially at night. If you need to visit Chicago soon, and you want to see some of the latest rooftop bars, my site will help you make the best choice.

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Three Of The Best Rooftop Bars Downtown Chicago

At the top of the list is a place called Cindy’s. It is located on Michigan Avenue. They have great beverages, as well as meals that you can consume while you are visiting with friends and family. The J Parker is another place. It is regarded as a Native American fair. If you get a chance to go up to the top of this beautiful building, you will love the view every time you visit this particular one. There are several others, most notably ROOF on

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Other Options That You May Want To Consider

Some of the best rooftop bars could be just a little bit lower than those in the top three positions. The ones that are still good, but are not able to get into the three pack, include Drumbar, as well as the IO Godfrey Rooftop Lounge. Instead of going to just one at night, you can coordinate a visit to a couple of them. This will save you money traveling to these different destinations, plus allow you to have more fun than you may have had in the last year. It’s a great way for tourists to also see the city from a vantage point which will help them understand why the Windy City is so popular worldwide.

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Rooftop bars in Chicago are quite numerous. It’s one of the largest cities in the United States. There is one thing that can bring people together and that is gathering at a place where they are serving drinks. Whether you are going there to relax, watch and listen to live music, you will find all of this and more. There are some that make very specific drinks that cannot be found elsewhere, many of which are located at these rooftop bars. You could bring your family with you, or that significant person in your life, that you would like to have a good time with while you are in Chicago.