Paid Profession Jobs: BloggingPro Job Board, April 24, 2017

paid blogging jobs

Good Monday morning, project hunters

Paid blogging tasks

RotoQL is searching for a NYC-based copywriter with experience developing brand identity’s components; 2-4 decades of freelance or full-time experience is essential. Experience is a and.

Kast Media is currently seeking a Blog And Podcast Show Notes Writer to join our team! You’ll be responsible for writing persuasive display notes, depending on a podcast’s topic. This really is a position, you will be 100% responsible to your deliverables according to deadlines, and will place your own hours.

The editorial team at is searching for editors and writers to contribute dynamic list-based posts. In TheClever, they need writers that are driven to succeed, have a way with words, and keep up with what’s trending at the sphere of professionals. They’re looking!

Homies is an exciting business whose program is supposed to change how that people search for roommates and rentals. Their website themes center around co-living, searching for rentals, searching for roommates, etc.. They are searching for a Content Writer able to produce two posts per week. According to your ability level, they would pay between $50 — $200 per article.

There Media Group is seeking Freelance Blog and Social Media Content Contributor Found In San Diego to create compelling, enlightening and interesting content for those categories ‘Nightlife’`Fashion & Style’& Art & culture” of their site.

The perfect candidate has a profound love for the community and culture of San Diego, and must be immersed at the San Diego scene which represents the category that they are applying for.

Author: Noemi Tasarra-Twigg