Officials assure digital lodging sites contribute to Puerto Rico’s economic development – Caribbean Business

SAN JUAN– Digital systems for temporary accommodations such as Airbnb contribute to the financial as well as tourism growth via the payment of the 7% lodging fee collected by the Puerto Rico Tourist Co., hence towns ought to not prohibit them, a number of government authorities said in a Home hearing Thursday.The Municipal

Matters Board, chaired by Rep. Reinaldo Vargas Rodríguez, is evaluating Residence Expense 1644, authored by Rep. Eddie Charbonier Chinea, which looks for to prevent that towns can restrict, restrict or control temporary accommodations companies.Tourism Co.

Deputy Executive Supervisor Joseph Feldstein del Valle said that, “because March 2004, the [Tourism Co.] has been the entity in charge of the collection of the space tax obligation. Currently, the Airbnb system has reported that it has a stock of 8,300 active residential or commercial properties in Puerto Rico. Between the days of July 2017 and also June 2018, [Tourism Co.] gotten$ 2.8 million in space taxes from Airbnb.”

He added that digital reservation platforms that operate on the island such as House Away and Sign Up With a Join, paid $472,000 and $23,000, specifically, which the Tourist Co. got $2.6 million in space exhausted from other similar companies.

“In overall, the [Tourism Co.] elevated around $ 5.9 million in room tax from the short-term lodging model: Vital funds to ensure that the [Tourism Co.] can proceed its required to advertise and also establish the tourist market,” Feldstein del Valle said.However, Vargas Rodríguez shared skepticism that municipalities advantage.”The truth is if it is a company that is creating revenue and is growing, the districts, which give garbage collection services, cleansing and also safety and security with metropolitan cops where these businesses lie, it is very important they obtain some take advantage of them. At the moment nothing is written in rock and we are listening to different viewpoints,”he said.Meanwhile, minority Popular Democratic Party Rep. Roberto Rivera Ruiz de Porras stated he was against communities barring the establishment of these firms in their territories. Nonetheless, he believes they need to be managed.