Man makes Trump flip-flops made out of contradictory tweets – Business Insider

Sam Morrison, a 27-year-old photographer and artist in Los Angeles, started selling flip-flops based on President Donald Trump’s contradictory tweets through his website in 2017. Morrison sold every pair of Trump flip-flops he made in less than a month. You can see Morrison’s process and designs from the limited run below.
Sam Morrison likes to create thought-provoking art.
In high school, he made silk-screen shirts and decks of cards with secret compartments inside. But over the past several years, most of his projects were digital — that is, until he had the idea last year to make physical flip-flops out of President Donald Trump’s tweets.
“Take a scroll through Donald Trump’s 40,000 tweets, and you’re sure to catch some contradicting opinions,” Morrison told Business Insider over email. “I wanted to highlight this hypocrisy.”
Morrison had a full-time job in the advertising industry at the time, but he got to work on producing his flip-flops. He sourced his own materials and printed and packaged every flip-flop by hand.