How to Quit Your Job and Start a Business

I receive a great deal of email from people who have a full-time job they truly hate and dream of quitting to start a business doing work they actually adore. They all have the identical question — How can I quit my job and start a business whilst continuing to pay my bills?

The majority of the advice you find on this subject will inform you to save up three months of living expenses, and that means you have the time to transition to building your small business. This presumes that you simply make enough cash at your full-time job to pay your bills and place some in savings. But onlyl 49% of people who have a full-time job will be living above the poverty line. Seriously.

Saving three months worth of living expenses can take decades, which makes the concept of starting a business seem utterly impossible. I’ve got another way.

  1. Figure Out How Much Cash You Require. The very first step is figuring out just how much cash you will need to earn every month. You ought to come up with just two amounts. One amount is how far you need to earn so as to pay the bills and receive food on the table. The other amount is how far you need to earn to be able to have a joyful life.
  2. Locate Something to Sell. Every business needs something to sell. You can sell a product or a service or some mix of both, but you will need to understand what it is you are going to sell. Figuring out how to pack your abilities into services or develop a line of products takes time. So you should work on figuring out exactly what it is you are going to sell while you still possess a full-time job.
  3. Start a Freelance Business. The ideal method to transition out of a full-time job to starting a business is freelancing. You can pack your present abilities into sell-able solutions, start getting clients and earn money in straight away. The best part? You can take freelance customers on as you have a full-time job!
  4. Price your services. Your needs to cost your freelance services in a way which will allow you to quit your full-time job. Figure out what you will need to charge per hour so as to hit your income objectives. Now double your cost. You don’t wish to spend 40 hours every week freelancing for other customers. Freelancing is your opportunity to transition to whatever industry you dream about building. So you need to plan to spend only 50% of your own time freelancing and the other 50% of your time will be spent building your larger business. Figure out what you will need to cost per hour if you are spending only 50% of your own time freelancing, but will need to hit your minimal income objectives.
  5. Start Finding Freelance Clients. Now its time to begin finding some normal freelance job! It is necessary that you put aside a bit of time every week to work on building your business. It can be five or ten hours at the beginning. The trick is to make it a normal habit.Start pitching your services to potential customers and close as many deals as quickly as possible.   You’ll have the cash you will need to quit your full-time job as soon as you’ve booked 20 hours every week at freelance job.
  6. Quit your project! The very best entrepreneurs dont just quit their full-time job. They negotiate a deal which helps them grow their organization. Can your current employer consider hiring you about a contract or freelance basis? Is there any opportunity they would allow you to operate at home? Having the security of regular freelance income will provide you energy in negotiating a deal with your current company.

You will then be free to pursue your business full-time. The excess time you have can be utilised to procure more freelance customers and grow your practice, or will allow you to create another kind of business which you want to pursue.

The secret to quitting your full-time job and establishing a business is developing a smart plan which lets you make the transition with an awareness of security. We are hosting an intensive six-week internet business accelerator for anyone who is dreaming about quitting their job and begin a full-time company. We are going to walk you through every step of building a profitable online business that lets you do something which you enjoy. You can gain access to the full program for $197 if you sign up before May 31st.

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