Funny comic reveals the dilemmas of life as a freelancer

Who does not wish to go freelance? You get to set your own program, like working at home at the comfort of your pyjamas, and perhaps make more income than you would in conventional employment. What is more, you will be able to complete those personal projects you’ve been putting off? Yeah, about that…

Figuring out that the freelance life is not the fast track to satisfaction that is creative which you might think it is. In this brilliant comic from Deadly illustrator Cathrine Luzette, the team of productivity grief many freelancers encounter is superbly brought to life.

One freelancers are hitting the air because they’ve finished the next, their commission. We’ve never seen it exemplified delightfully as the comic of Luzette, although it is a battle we’re convinced lots of freelancers could relate to. Check it out below.