Freelancer Marketplace for Workers

SwiftCloud involves a knack freelancer marketplace as well as tools for freelance workers to develop a service or company.

We recommend

  1. Selling pre-priced tasks in the services marketplace. This is excellent for almost any repeatable, usually standardized task — i.e. setting up a brand new domain name and WordPress setup. Note you can reject the task if somebody has a really strange situation (i.e. strange server setup).
  2. Setting up hourly tasks for bigger projects, for usage with SwiftClock and Swift Invoice. This is terrific for freelancers that have with, or salespeople seeking to employ more workers, deliver on more clients, and develop a service or firm.

To get started, simply log in, create your own profile, and also make some listings of what you’re doing.

A Couple of notes you Ought to Know about our freelancer marketplace:

  1. Want an army of people promoting your abilities and solutions? Of course you do! They get paid 10 for hooking everything up and we now amass 5 percent — so in the event you promote a service for $ 100, then you’ll receive $ 85, therefore please cost your work. This also means by encouraging tasks on the internet, that you can refer and earn some money, or fulfill some downtime. You make that commission and can also sell your tasks.
  2. For brand new sellers, we reserve the right to hold funds   for up to 90 days. This is uncommon, but is vital for fraud avoidance. This won’t change you, if you providing real solutions to clients — it will surely influence anybody or the scammers with credit cards.

If you have some other questions, please get in touch with us via the SwiftCloud Support Method.

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