Safe Bones For Dogs To Chew On

While it’s true, dogs do love to chew on bones, it can be a dangerous practice if not done properly. You want to find out which bones are safe for your dog to chew on in order to eliminate the possibility of choosing one that can harm your dog. Below, we will be going over some of the top safe bones for dogs to chew on.

Safe Bones For Dogs To Chew On:

1. Raw Bones.

You want to make sure that the bones that you are providing your dog are raw. Never, ever, ever provide your dog with cooked bones to chew on. There are so many reasons not to give your dog cooked bones. Not only can they cause a lot of dental issues such as broken teeth, but they can even cause a variety of other issues including getting the bone stuck in their esophagus, windpipe, stomach, and more. When you give your dog bones, the bones should be raw and edible bones which are hollow. These bones will be incredibly soft, pliable, and they will not contain marrow. While you can provide your dogs with bones for recreation, you will want to watch them as they chew on them to avoid bone splinters and other problems.

2. Dental Bone.

If you want, you can also consider providing your dog with dreambone bone. A completely digestible and high quality dreambone dog chew can provide your dog with health benefits such as reduced plaque and better control of tartar. A lot of these chew bones cannot be broken down and they will contain no extra sugar or other unhealthy byproducts.

overall, you can give safe bones for dogs to chew on. With that being said, you always want to provide them with the bones while properly supervised to avoid or reduce the chances of any serious complications that could result from them.